How many hands are behind Cocoletes? Well ... everything is born and part in our hands, in which you see, in those of Nuria and Jonás.

Restless, curious, tireless hands and in Nuria's case with the blood of a carpenter family but inexperienced when it comes to working with wood.

So, at this point, you will ask yourself, at what point do you decide to dedicate yourself to this?

The idea begins to take shape sometime in the year 2017. We lived and worked in Madrid, Nuria as a software developer and Jonás as an administrator. Our first child is almost a year old and by that time the room of the apartment in which we lived was already full of wooden toys and materials based on alternative pedagogies such as Waldorf or Montessori.

We were both born and raised in rural environments (Nuria in Soria and Jonás in Cáceres) and as the days go by, the need and desire to try to provide our little one with a childhood similar to the one we were able to enjoy, in short, more free and in a natural environment. It was the tremendous coincidence that in Navaleno (Soria) we had a family heritage carpentry workshop at our disposal, so we only have to connect the dots and we have the origin. We moved to the town, we built our home in a part of that workshop and we prepared the rest to be able to work.

In mid-2018 we officially started. We have already had a few months to test and become familiar with some of the machines. We present the first designs and everything begins to roll.

Today, with one more child, we continue with the same desire, commitments and concerns. With care and in harmony with Nature, with our hands as the main tool we work the wood and we mold each of the pieces.

If something characterizes this period that has elapsed until today, it is evolution and learning. We have been improving production processes, designs, finishes, packaging ... in short, each and every aspect and detail of Cocoletes.

Ultimately, we can affirm that we love what we do. We are proud of the change we made and each of our accomplishments. We are aware that in each material, in each order there is a piece of Nature and a pinch of ourselves.


These are our hands. This is us: Nuria and Jonás.



Here you will find educational toys and play materials that promote love, care and protection of nature and the environment. We work in a respectful and traditional way with 100% natural and top quality wood, with its veins, knots and other characteristics of its own. Definitely...
With Cocoletes you will feel the essence of our forests. We bring to your hands pieces that you will want to keep forever.
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