Guidecraft Community Buildings Set 6 Pc


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  • Set of 6 six block play plywood buildings
  • Designed to integrate with the Guidecraft Roadway system and unit block accessories
  • Set includes: Fire Station, Police Department, Hospital, School, and Grocery Store and Service Station
  • Features sturdy, wide set bases for roadway, vehicle, and character interaction
  • Includes French and Spanish translation stickers for themed buildings
  • Coordinates with the Guidecraft Roadway System and Essentials sets, and all block play accessories
  • Material: Plywood
  • Educational Focus: Block play, social skills, dramatic play
  • Each plywood building has a minimum 3.5″ high entrance and exit to allow vehicles to pass through.




Use this set of buildings alongside the Roadway System for even more fun! Includes 6 recognizable buildings with entrances large enough for Guidecraft wooden vehicles to pass through. 


Age: 2+