La Colmena Puzzle


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Who lives there? Animals never cease to amaze us with their habits, not even when looking for a roof under which to shelter; They make nests or look for shelters or burrows where they can sleep, be safe and have their young.


In this new series of puzzles we are going to try to recreate some of these homes. They are double puzzles, of greater complexity and number of pieces. In the first layer we recreate the environment where they are located. In the second layer we go inside to show a little of what life would be inside.


The hive is the home of a colony of bees, with its characteristic honeycombs of hexagonal alveoli where they conserve honey and pollen and the queen lays her eggs from which the new bees will be born.


_ Made entirely by hand with wood from our environment or recovered.

_ It consists of 40 pieces plus the base.

_ Each piece comes from a wood cut, so the product will present differences in the shape and tone of its veins with respect to the images shown.

_ Free of varnishes or paints. It has a finish to protect the wood based on 100% natural oils.

_ Not recommended for children under 3 years old. Includes small parts.


Recommended Age From 5 years