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Maggi Li


Starting off as a baby close to its mother, Whale charts an incredible journey, traveling to colder waters to find plenty of krill to eat, growing with every swish of its tail. In this fun, informative board book, Whale learns the right time to surface for air, how to sing to other whales across the ocean, and when to return to warmer waters. A die-cut throughout the book emphasizes how nature is full of changes—and before long, it’s time to start the cycle all over again.


Ocean Explorers Set 

Delight your beach lover with these ocean critters in durable resin, ready to be explored.

A set of 6 aquatic animals curated together for learning through hands on play. These all come with a set of matching flash cards to enhance your child’s learning. Each set is packaged in a foam tray & calico bag. Measuring 4xx4x4cm each. Includes: Thick-legged Fiddler crab, shrimp, Sand sea star, Seahorse, Honey Cowrie and Hermit Crab.

Recommended for ages 3+


Age: 3+ 


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Not suitable for children under 3.