Clever Coconuts

The Owner of Clever Coconuts, Rebecca, saw a need to develop a line of  food for inclusive kids play. They have handmade the first vegan pretend play food for children who eat a plant-based/vegan diet or may have allergies.


Safety Recommendation: Age: 3+ 

The cylinders have a high adhesive label on them so if peeled off this could become a choking hazard. Clever Coconuts timber pieces are not intended for chewing or sucking. For children under 3 who want to start cooking early, supervision is the safest way to play!


Each piece is carefully cut from solid sustainably sourced beechwood timber. All pieces have the images printed on both sides. 


Clever Coconuts beautiful images are printed on all of their pieces with the exception of their cylinders. They have a high quality adhesive label on them, designed to be fade and scratch resistant.

Safety tested against Australian/ New Zealand and USA standards.