Ambrosius Eco Flower Fairies

Eco Flower Fairies LLC is the U.S. brand and sole distributor of S.C. Ambrosius Prodcom S.R.L. from Transylvania, Romania. This is a manufacturing team of talented and hard-working ladies who spend many hours of work to handmake with patience and love every single doll that you will see on this website.

The project was born in 1996 after extensive collaboration between Mrs. Katalin Poszony, the owner of Ambrosius, and the Waldorf School in Cluj-Napoca. The result is an adorable eco-friendly doll handcrafted out of renewable materials like wool felt, wool, and wood which replicates a certain flower or fruit and is meant for both decorative and educational purposes.

 Ambrosius has been active on the international market ever since, with retailers all over Europe, including Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Finland, the United Kingdom, but also in Australia, Canada, and Japan. 

All of these high-quality dolls are entirely handmade; Ambrosius is one of the few Romanian companies that proudly offers work-at-home opportunities for mothers with young children, retired persons, and persons with disabilities. A part of the firm’s profit is donated to the local Waldorf school and also to support education in some of the poorer villages of Transylvania.

These lovely dolls were introduced to the U.S. wholesale market in 2012, when Eco Flower Fairies was founded by Nicoleta Taylor, a former member of the Ambrosius team who moved from Romania to Phoenix, Arizona.