About Us

For many years, I have dreamed to open up an online shop to show how a child's mind creates an outstanding world of play. Sometimes items get lost in the motion and then eventually get thrown out. I wanted to stand with items that could be passed down and grow with the child.

Not only did I want to focus on open-ended play, I wanted to show the excitement I have with ethically made clothing. I love natural tones, soft fabric, and something different. I wanted to find simple staples for a child's wardrobe. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in glitter so I want to take a step back and research amazing companies to support with natural, organic clothing. I hope you find the joy in these pieces as much as I do! 

We are a small family company, located in Pennsylvania, made up of a mom, dad, tiny human, and two cats. When my little one plays with simple, open-ended toys, I  see the wheels turning and it absolutely amazes me. One day, I went shopping and thought how hard it is to find neutral, simplistic clothing. I am a sucker for ginger, cinnamon, and sage tones. Then, I decided it was time to put my thoughts to paper or to a computer and here we are, Rosa La Belle. 

At Rosa La Belle, we believe a child's imagination is the gateway to creative, open-ended play. Our goal is to provide beautiful items that can sore within a child's creative mind. We are pleased to share the joy of quality, heirloom toys that can be passed down. Get ready for a world of creativity!

With wonderful toy selections, Rosa La Belle offers natural organic clothing. While our lines work with ethical and sustainable items, we are pleased to share this adventure with you. As always feel free to ask me any questions. 

Take care and stay safe! 

Rosa La Belle