Wilson Jeux

Our puzzles are made in France, in our workshop in Burgundy and our boutique-workshops in Paris

The know-how of artisan puzzle makers has been passed down for many decades. 

These puzzles are three times more difficult than normal puzzles: each piece has a different shape so we cannot separate them in piles of similar types. The cut follows the depicted subject, and it is the artisan who cuts following the different colours and lines and who creates the puzzle’s difficulty, not a machine. The puzzles are unique, so the strategy to put each one of them together differs from puzzle to puzzle. 

Puzzle Michele Wilson also offers puzzles for children aged 3 to 12, sold in pretty cardboard boxes. The collection includes maps (including the famous map of France, where the cut follows each department), artwork puzzles to initiate children to the world or art and puzzles created by reputed contemporary children book illustrators.