Semi-Trailer Truck


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This steerable semi-trailer is versatile and leaves room for the imagination to flow! The tarpaulin can be folded up on both sides or you can take it completed off. To remove, you will need to undo the velcro. To place back on, tack back to the tail lifts by utilizing the invisible magnets. *Please note* Tarpaulin may vary. 
When loading and unloading-the lateral raves are folded down. 

The front part of the truck can separate from the trailer. 
No need to worry about tipping over when loading the side or the rear tailgate. The trailer has extendable supports. 

Includes 1 europallet and 2 peg people. 
Size in inches: 25.79 
Peg People: 2.5 inches

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Not suitable for children under 3.