Sensory Play Stones - Birds

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This stunning collection of eight realistic birds is perfect for all sorts of outdoor adventures! The tactile, realistic detailing will inspire curiosity and conversation while providing lots of wonderful sensory feedback. Their sturdy bases mean the birds are easy to stand, making them versatile for imaginary play as children’s vocabulary and storytelling skills take flight. Durable enough to be used in water, soil, mud and play clay, these gorgeous birds can be easily cleaned after each activity. 

Children will enjoy using a magnifier to examine their detailed markings, comparing them to each other and with birds seen locally, developing their comparing and sorting skills. The tactile markings can be felt as well as seen, and children will enjoy gathering natural materials to make nests for the birds. 

Set of eight sensory bird stones are made from an easy-to-clean stone/resin mix. Size 2¾–3½”. Safe for children Age 2+