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2 colours in 1 mat | Camel Oat

Camel - a gorgeous classic leather brown on the front

Oat - a bright cream tone on the back 

*Note: This product features an updated "Oat" colour as compared to the previous stocks. The Oat colour is now updated to be a little brighter & creamier as requested by many.


WITHIN Signature 92 is a versatile vegan leather mat that will help you spend less time cleaning up the big messes by little ones. 

Featuring the The Original WITHIN Signature MatTray™ - the 1st ever unique concept that allows the sides of the mat to be snapped up during play time to keep mess within for easier clean up. After use, simply snap down the sides, and you will have a beautiful mat in your home.


For sensory play:

WITHIN Signature 92 is specially designed to fit the Flisat table top perfectly to maximize the play area while keeping all the mess within the MatTray™.⁠

Dreamed up and designed with love by WITHIN & CO, the Signature 92 size is the first in the market, and one of its kind. Say goodbye to spending lots of time trying to clean all the gaps on the Flisat table top after a messy sensory play time. Now, simply pour all the sensory base back into the container, or wipe off any spills and you're done!

Also, this generous size makes a great space for laying out all the jigsaw puzzle pieces so you'll never lose a piece again.


Designed in Japan. WITHIN mats exude a minimalistic character and are aesthetically beautiful to fit into your modern home. Most importantly, functional for your needs.

Made from 100% premium vegan leather, this double-sided mat features two beautiful colours (Camel and Oat), for double the options and twice the happiness. The two buttery soft vegan leather sides feel luxurious to the touch and are easy to maintain.

Measures 92 x 67cm  (83 x 58 x 4.5cm height when snapped up)

  • Wipeable + Easy to clean
  • Water-impermeable
  • Durable
  • Cruelty-free
  • BPA + Phthalate-free
  • Non-toxic 

Each WITHIN mat is lovingly packaged in an eco-friendly drawstring bag so that you can conveniently bring it along on adventures.


*Please allow slight variation in measurements due to stitching. Also, due to differences in device screen settings, please note that actual colour of mat may vary.