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Spin Discs Rotana set by Muffik is an unmissable accessory that pushes Muffik's vision for healthy development a level up! These are safety-tested, rotating discs embedded in puzzle shape mats to help children twists while playing. Compatible with Muffik regular-size mats or 4 minis, these are great attractions among kids especially while playing fun games like Floor is Lava!        

In addition to active exercises and games, it can also be used for so-called dynamic sessions. By placing Spin Discs Rotana on a work chair or on the floor, you can keep your back in the correct sitting position. These discs will help to relieve the pressure from your spine and straighten your shoulders and chest.                      

Experts call it a dynamic session as these discs help create slight movements of the spine, lower back and neck, thus promoting natural activity of the intervertebral discs, which is essential for your health and the proper function of the spine and neck joints.         

Product Speciality:

Safety tested
Phthalate Free
Super easy to clean - just with water!
Use it Indoor and Outdoors
2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Includes (2 pcs):

2 x Spin Discs Rotana

*The colour of the product in the image may slightly differ from the original.


Regular - 11.72 in x 11.72 in

Recommended Age:

3 years onward with parental supervision.

Safety Note:

Please keep children supervised, during play. We advise letting kids explore freely but always be within a safe distance to assist them if required.