Wooden Measuring Cups Set of 4


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Wooden measuring cups for kids are a fun and educational tool that can help children develop their math and measurement skills while also encouraging creativity and imagination. These measuring cups typically come in a set of different sizes. Children can use them to measure and pour ingredients while helping in the kitchen or during playtime activities. The set include 4 cups. Each cup measures 20cm, 18cm, 16cm and 14cms. These scoops are perfect for water play or open ended play. 

Playing with wooden measuring cups can help children develop their understanding of measurement, fractions, and basic math concepts such as addition and subtraction. They can also learn about different units of measurement, such as ounces, cups, and milliliters.

The Acacia texture gives this product a beautiful look finished with plant-based oil; these are also safe for children to use.

Recommended age: 2+